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Ryan Meador

Hi Duane,
What fan speed are you operating it at?  I read in the manual that you must use medium or high when heating, and I can confirm that mine shuts off if I use it in low.  I assume there is a thermal protection circuit inside the heater element; it will just stop heating and blow cold air.

There is no capacitor for the electric heat, only the blower and compressor.  I would assume your capacitor is fine since your blower works fine.

Have you confirmed that it doesn't believe it has reached the desired temperature?  You should be able to tell by turning the thermostat and hearing both it and the relay for the heat click.

BTW, I've just finished replacing 2 of the 3 Climma control units with new ones from Micro Air and they're pretty fantastic and it's a relatively easy change.  The only downside I've identified so far is a faint humm from the blower when operating at lower settings that wasn't present with the original control.  I assume it has something to do with digital vs analog controls.  I doubt this would change your situation though.

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On Thu, Dec 7, 2017 at 3:56 PM, sailor63109@... [amelyachtowners] <amelyachtowners@...> wrote:

We started the aft cabin Climma heater today and it's not working.

It starts to heat, based on my hand on the air outlet, but after 10 seconds or so blows only cold air.  So the heating element (we have the EH model) turns off after a few seconds.  I'll change the capacitors tomorrow, but can anyone add to the things for me to check?



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