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I am 99% sure the fan speed is too slow which is tripping the thermostatic safety switch which is getting too hot because of low fan speed. If the heat is turning OFF with the fan on high, check the three fan capacitors. If they are out of range, replace them. If you don't have a multitester that will test them, replace them. 

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Check the 3 small capacitors. In my case the same thing happened due to low fan speed the thermal switch turned the heat off.

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We started the aft cabin Climma heater today and it's not working.


It starts to heat, based on my hand on the air outlet, but after 10 seconds or so blows only cold air.  So the heating element (we have the EH model) turns off after a few seconds.  I'll change the capacitors tomorrow, but can anyone add to the things for me to check?




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