Re: Bow Thruster Travel Adjustment

Craig Briggs

Hi Miles,
Interesting advice from "Amel", although lacking a "why" makes me wonder.

I've set my BT so when retracted the "donut" gaskets are gently compressed AND the hole in the lift is just a fraction below the pin. There is absolutely no strain on the lifting motor. Then, if-or-when I insert the pin it lifts the motor only about 1mm because of the taper on the end of the pin.  Maybe the Captain engineered it that way!, That relieves almost all force on the lifting mechanism. Then I "pop" the down switch to put absolutely all the load on the pin, not the cable/motor. I also rotate the pin behind the locking pin. No way to get loose.

If you need to put a "strong squeeze" on the cable you are lifting the motor a lot. Eric -or was it Bill? - said the squeeze lifts the motor 10 mm - about 1/2 inch - which, I think, is more than the thickness of the "donut" gaskets. Logically that says the donut gaskets are either not touching the BT housing without the pin or they are way too compressed after the squeeze - maybe that's why many owners are needing to replace them very frequently.

Do you "squeeze and pin" EVERY time you use your BT?  What a pain and I sure don't., Like most of us I think, most of my sailing is day hopping without the pin inserted. So why not have the "donut gaskets" do their job either with or without the pin in place.

Oh well, lots of ways to skin a cat.

Cheers, Craig SN#68

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Hello Craig,

Many years ago, Amel told me to never adjust the bow thruster the way you have done.  Making the lift motor raise it to the pin puts too much force on the motor.   It should stop where it requires a strong squeeze on the cable to get the pin in.  This is how the Amel people demonstrated it to me.  



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