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Ryan Meador

I bought the FX-2 controller and EasyTouch (with WiFi) display.  I bought them via Coastal Climate Control because I needed to order capacitors and whatnot as well, and I think they can do slightly better than list price.  I intend to post details of the conversion at some point when I have time; I had to use a several different diagrams from different companies and a little reverse engineering to figure out the right way to do it, but once I knew that it was straightforward.

Your fan was on high, yet it seems like your thermal safety switch is being tripped, so I agree with the others that either your fan wasn't actually running fast enough (bad capacitor) or the fan/heater is dirty.  I'd expect the thermal switch to fail by being stuck in one state, not by tripping at a lower temperature, so I don't think your switch is bad... but it's not impossible.

When I contacted Climma/Veco to ask about replacement parts for the controls, they told me they were no longer made.  It's possible they were referring only to the buttons and not the thermostat; I have recently found replacement thermostats on eBay.  I had a broken button on one panel and a broken thermostat on another, though I didn't know the latter until I'd taken the whole thing apart.  Climma offered me a conversion to a new digital control (which provided one of the diagrams I used for the Micro Air conversion), but their digital control was not as capable as the Micro Air one.  Coast Climate Control (the Climma NA distributor) were the ones who mentioned the Micro Air conversion as an option and I ran with it.

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I did have it on the high fan setting.  I'll check for a "click" when it turns off, good info.

Which of the Micro Air controllers did you buy?  I'd like to make a note of that just in case.

Than ks.


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