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I had the thermostat replaced by an electronics guy in Annapolis who installed my solar, new radar, wifi/cellular extenders, and AIS transponder.  He said it was a simple fix.  According to him, all the major parts of that controller are available, but I don't know his source.

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Hi Kent,

 I bought a new switch plate from Climma 2 years ago and now the thermostat has failed--however you turn it, it won't "click" and the heater won't come on, though the fan works OK.

 When you say " parts are available to rebuild your controller" do you mean that you simply replaced the thermostat, which is what I intend to do?    Climma in England want £45 for a new thermostat, a bit rich when the original lasted 15 years and the present one only 2 years.

Ian and Judy, Pen Azen, SM 302, Greece

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