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Craig Briggs

Hey Doctor Kent and Iris,

Super what you're doing and you being an American medical doctor plus Iris's professional mariner expertise will certainly be valuable - wish we could join you. Do check CSSN for some bad boys out there (Domenica most recently), but know you've got the "street smarts" to be safe. Do keep us posted on your experiences.
All the best,
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I think it is great you want to help. We get mixed information regarding the affected islands. Some boaters are going to give aid. Most are staying away. What is really needed are skills such as doctors, nurses, engineers and builders etc. Some sources ask cruises to stay away as it puts added pressure on already scarce resources (water, fuel, food, etc.) Other sources say to visit because they need tourism to start back up. So, it is a real mixed hodgepodge of info. If you search FaceBook for the islands you plan to visit, you can determine what to take regarding supplies. For example, Dominica put out a call for tarps. However, that was about a month ago so I would assume they have got some by now.


If you do decide to visit some of the badly affected islands, we suggest you stay self sufficient while visiting and provision well ahead of time.


Hope to meet you in Martinique.



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Hi cousins,

Iris and I are heading S from Jacksonville FL in a couple of weeks.  We are hoping to get involved in the hurricane relief effort somewhere.  We could bring supplies or equipment, help in a medical clinic, hammer nails, or just about anything else that's needed.  I just discovered a website that is attempting to coordinate efforts by sailors called .


Does anyone know of specific needs or contacts in the islands that might be able to focus our efforts more precisely?


Is anyone else going to do any relief volunteering?


We'll make an effort to be in Martinique in mid-Jan for the apparent Amel Rendezvous.






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