Re: soon to be 48 owner with a few questions.....


Jean Paul,

I looked at the websites. I guess I should have taken French in school
in school instead of Spanish. C'est la vie. So far in my assessment of
hull #29 I have to agree that the originally installed equipment and
general construction is quite good. Fortunately much of the owner
installed equipment is pretty well done, particularly the electrical
redo. I own a moisture meter and found elevated readings through much
of the elevated portion of the foredeck to about a meter or two
forward of the past.

There are gate valves still installed in several locations which I
know the insurance company will require to be changed to proper
seacocks. There is no holding tank for the aft head. LPG system will
need updating. Some hardware on the spin poles is frozen up. Nothing
too major thus far. I have a meeting with the owner today to go
through systems so I will be far better informed soon.

Thanks again for the reply and the websites. I guess I will look for a
French-English dictionary;-) Merci!

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I own myself the Maramu 19 and I'ld like to say, by experience, the
problems are in the equipement improperly fitted by previous owners or
so called "professionnal".
Every original équippement have been done for the best (difficult to
appreciate) usage and long-lasting service (sorry for my english, I'm
much better in french!).
For exemple:
-a 220v circuit have been implemented, with 2 electric heaters, I had to
renew it completly as it was dangerous,
-the 3 navigation lights have been changed and were connected just with
twisted wire and tape under the deck!
-the raw water pump as been renewed but not using the original Perkins
rotary seal but with a O'ring one, of course after few hours it was
leaking (and it's a professionnal mecanics who made the job with an
expensive invoice!)
- the fuel-fired air heater as been removed
- a removable forestay as been fited but the attachement point so
stupidly made that water was entering inside a locker
-the electronic instruments have been changed changed with a nice B&G
set but improperly connected so the pilot had no information from the
wind sensor (it's so easy to do a proper job that I can't understand how
it can happen)
and so on....
The good sites I know on this yachts are in french I'm not sure it'll

You can ask me questions about the Maramu, I'll try to answer you
Best regards
Jean Paul

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Hi all,

We have a 1979 Maramu 48 under contract in California and will be
doing our sea trial and survey shortly. We have owned a number of
other boats up to 39 feet but this is our first experience with an

Is there anything specific to Amel's we should be looking out for
during survey? This particular boat had a very extensive refit
recently including a new Yanmar, all new electrical system, and
electronics so those are areas we don't anticipate problems.

I'm also interested in links to any good resources to learn more about
these boats.

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