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Courtney Gorman

Can anyone share the marina rates there will leave my Boat for 3 weeks 

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The Amel Caraibes group (led by Jean Collin) have an office and workshop in the middle of the marina complex in Le Marin.  There is an " Amel dock" (Dock 4) which is the one where you will find most, but not all of the Amel boats.  They are long and short term transients, permanent residents, and boats for sale.  Other Amels can be found on the other docks and at moorings or at anchorage and at nearby St. Anne.  Dock 4 is not exclusively Amel, but also serves a large charter service for catamarans.

At a nearby dock Caraibe Greement is run by Gaetan Rivet, a very experienced rigger who replaced my standing rigging last year with stainless steel rigging I had ordered from ACMO and had shipped to Amel Caraibes.

Also nearby are many other yacht services that are Amel-friendly.  For example, Patrick Fougerouse of Caraibe Refrigeration SARL will be replacing my aft cabin Climma airconditioning in January when I am there.

Hope to see you in Martinique, if not before.  Brava is still on the hard in Bailey's Boatyard, Falmouth Harbour until the first week in January.

Derick Gates
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