Super Maramu Climma A/C Water Pump

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The bushing and seal on our Climma A/C Water Pump required replacing
because of a slight leak. When I opened the pump housing I found that
the impeller also needed replacing. The impeller probably became a
victim of electrolysis when our ground strap in the bilge broke
without our notice. It is possible that something else caused the
deterioration as well.

I posted photos in a new folder "Climma A/C."

I contacted in the US for parts. The had the bushing and
seal to replace the one I had in "spares," but they did not have a new
impeller. I bought a used, but like new impeller from them. This was
the only thing they had.

You might consider adding an impeller to your "spares." Or better
yet, replacing the CALPEDA pump with a new MARCH magnetic pump. I
believe MARCH is the pump that Climma recommends now.


Bill Rouse
s/v BeBe - SM2 #387

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