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Do you have a smart regulator on your engine mounted 24VDC alternator which will adjust for AGM and/or lithium and will your battery chargers adjust for AGM and/or lithium?

If the answer is no, you should reconsider. In my experience with 4 sets of batteries in SM387 and 20+ clients of Amel School, I am not aware of has a single case where it was a good investment to buy anything but an ordinary deep cycle battery, which will last 2 to 3.5 years. Also, I am aware of an installation of LiFePO4 in a 54 that lasted less than 2 years. I strongly believe that changing battery technology requires matching chargers and alternators to that technology. Of course there are those that will tell you don't worry about it, but they won't be around when you have a failure.

I know everyone has strong opinions on batteries and anchors, but I thought I would give you mine, for what it is worth. You can buy deep cycle G31 DEKA batteries for $150-200 each.

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We need new batteries in our SM, the last (sealed) batteries lasted less than 2 ½ year (No we never run them below 70% and often charge them close to 100% most days as we have 850 w of solar power so they have not been miss treated).

 I’m thinking on the FireFly OASIS AGM batteries, if half what the producer says is true they should be an excellent choice. They are rather expensive 486 $ plus tax and freight for a group 31 typ.

Has anyone any experience with them?

Another option is LiFePO4 batteries I found from Smart Battery 100 Ah group 31 for 1300 $

4 of them would give  more usable capacity at a cost of  5200 $ compare with 3900 $.

The Smart Battery come with 5 year’s replacement warranty and a pro rata life time warranty. They claim you can use your standard chargers, so no other investment needed.

But I assume with the strong focus on electric cars the development of batteries will be huge the coming years, so maybe better to wait to install LiFePO4 batteries until next time.  


Paul on SY Keepa SM 259 

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