Re: Companionway Removal, another method.

Craig Briggs

Hi Duane,
I'm surprised your SM does not have a drain at the bottom of the companion housing. Our SN has a drain 
on the bottom of the starboard side of the housing that goes through a hose into the bilge sump. Might be worth a double check on the SM.

Anyway, our weather stripping was deteriorated so I just removed it. That left only about a 2mm- 1/16th in - ish gap left, preventing any scratching of the plexiglass. Yes, that does let a little bit of water down the companionway housing (very little), but it drains out nicely. Mostly it's when I'm washing the cockpit and hosing down the companionway door -  never an issue when sailing with thunderstorms astern.

Cheers,  Craig and Katherine, SN#68

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Peg and I like the idea of plexiglass for the light down below, we saw you post on this before.  I'm waiting for a time when I've got sufficient incentive and time to take care of this.

What have you done about the scratching that happens with the weather stripping?  I guess one could use some fine sandpaper and abrade the surface so it isn't entirely transparent and that would nullify the scratches caused by the weather stripping.

We need the weather stripping because there is no drain for the companionway housing and we have had water collect there when there is driving rain from the stern.


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