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You can just run wires outside the control box and xip tie them in place. Cover the exposed terminals with silicone sealant to prevent electrical shock or heat shrink them.

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I removed the control box for the aft cabin AC today to check the capacitors.


All three of the small cap's (2 of the 2 uF and one 4uF) were way out of spec.  The 10 and 40 uF were within spec.  After replacing all of the small ones and the 10 uF the heating element works fine.


I tried to replace the 40 uF cap but the new one was physically too large.  Note that I bought them all from Coastal Climate Control so that I wouldn't have an issue like this.  Both the 10 and 40 uF was larger in diameter than the old ones.  The diameter was the biggest problem since I could not get the case back on with the new 40 stacked on the new 10.


Fortunately the old 40 and the new 10 fit, but now I'm going to have to look for new 40's.  I've contacted Coastal Climate for a refund.



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