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Danny , I have been able to keep my batteries in the 85 to 100% charge zone and when on the mooring 100% for long periods. Do batteries still degrade when generally kept in the 90 to 100% range. I too have wet cell , always have for the last 35 years , and see no reason I would switch out for a more expensive / complex system.
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Hi again Pat, after I get to the boat in the next few days I will post photos of the hand book and the graph of the desulphation program. Basically it is a controlled period of seriously high voltage over charging. A lot of gas given off. Caps off the batteries and the battery compartment lid closed and no naked flames any where near. Would be impossible in a boat without a closed and vented battery compartment.
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Danny, Do you use your solar panels to disulfide your batteries ? My solar reg. has that option.
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Hi Mark,
Those batteries were 12 six volt golf cart type bought from West Marine in Newport Rhode Island. After 4 years I was on the point of replacing them when through the input of another cruiser I found my dolphin desulphation program. When sulphates build up on the plates the charge has to be "pushed" through this layer, the thicker it is the more resistance there is. What you will notice is that when charging they come up to "full " charge quickly, but then don't hold the charge. This is because the charge did not make it fully into the plates. There is nothing wrong with the plates, the charge just didn't get in there.
So how often did I desulphate? When I noticed this effect becoming prominent. 
I do believe the solar panels and the wind generator are a big part of getting a long life. I have talked to cruisers who have got 10 years plus from lead acid by using desulphation so perhaps rather than searching for the &# 34;right" battery the answer is to have chargers that provide an effective desulphation program, and apply it correctly. Maintenance. Keep them well watered all the time and keep terminals and connections clean and making good contact. 
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8 years is an incredibly long time for any batteries to last, let alone relatively inexpensive flooded lead acid batteries.  What type and brand battery were they?  How often did you run the desulphation program?  Is it possible for you to share your entire "battery care regimen" with the forum either via a post or an uploaded f ile?  I would find it incredibly useful and I'm sure others would too.

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