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Batteries kept at 100% charge, or near so, by an accurate float charger do age, but very slowly.  Batteries kept this way should last a very long time.  Eight to ten years would not be at all unusual.  When I lived on a boat at the dock, with occasional day sails, battery lifespan was never an issue.  They only died when something when wrong. (Usually my fault!)

For a usage pattern that has a occasional maximum depth of discharge down to 85% followed by a quick recharge to 100% I can think of no reason for using anything other than simple flooded batteries.  They will handle that service perfectly, and have a very long--and very economical--life.  

The way batteries are used has everything to do with how long they last. 

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Danny , I have been able to keep my batteries in the 85 to 100% charge zone and when on the mooring 100% for long periods. Do batteries still degrade when generally kept in the 90 to 100% range. I too have wet cell , always have for the last 35 years , and see no reason I would switch out for a more expensive / complex system.
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