Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Viewing Amel 54 - what to look for?

Mohammad Shirloo

Hello and welcome to the group;
Can you please let us know your name so we can address you properly.
There are many unique features to the Amels that make it imperative that you hire an Amel knowledgeable surveyor. I can only share our own personal experience with Olivier Beauté of Atlantic Yacht survey in La Rochelle France. Olivier is regarded as the most knowledgeable person with Amels having been involved with the company and later at his own company for decades. He spent a full 3 days with us not only surveying the entire vessel and all the areas that may indicate problems, we learned a significant amount about the boat in the process.
My recommendation would be to inspect the vessel you are considering and look for how the vessel is maintained in general. Look at the engine room and see how clean everything has been maintained. Look for areas of rust and corrosion. A well maintained vessel should look very close to new. Amels are extremely dry vessels and there should not be too many signs of corrosion. Look at all the interior wood finishes. Again they should look almost factory new. The wood finishes on these vessels are impeccable and with proper care should look excellent for years.
In our inspections, if we saw signs of neglect, we would walk away. Once satisfied with your inspection, hire your surveyor of choice. If we were to do it again, we would once again fly Olivier out to wherever the vessel happened to be.
Good luck with your search. We believe her to be the perfect vessel.
Mohammad and Aty
B&B Kokomo
Amel 54 #099

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Hi everyone - 

New member here. I'm looking at an Amel 54 soon and while I'll have a surveyor look at the boat prior to purchase, I'll take a look at it on my own first. 

This group is one of the reasons, among many, that I'm considering an Amel. The collective knowledge and camaraderie here is truly amazing. 

What would you, as Amel owners, suggest that I look for when viewing the 54? What are common problem areas? 


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