Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Viewing Amel 54 - what to look for?

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Olivier IS the surveyor to contact if you are serious about buying an Amel anywhere near Europe.  He came to Portugal to support me after months of research, and it was a bit like getting the famous 4 day precious handover that the new owners used to get when buying new at the yard.  Olivier is very professional and his recommendations are worth every penny for the future owner. I would definitely use his services again... Unfortunately after my happy purchase this Autumn I expect to never want or find a replacement for my lovely Super Maramu Stella.

SM Stella ex Zeerob
Portimao, Portugal.

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Apologies, I'm Scott.

Thanks for the recommendation on the surveyor. The boat I'm looking at is in France, so I'll reach out to Olivier and mention that you sent me his way. :)

I'm visiting her without the broker/surveyor for the first look to determine whether to move forward with the survey. Your tips are helpful and it'd be great if you (and others) could note any Amel specific problem areas.

I understand the Volvo D3-110 can cause headaches if bad fuel is encountered. I also understand they revised the engine to take care of these problems, but unsure when those revisions were made?

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