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Gary & Ian,

My gypsy accomodates 3/8" and/or 10mm. 10mm is 0.39". 3/8" is 0.38"

The gypsy was either designed to take either 10mm or 3/8 or the
difference is so small that it makes no difference...I am going with
the latter.


Bill Rouse
s/v BeBe SM2 #387

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Hi Gary,

My boat came with 10mm calibrated chain. It may be possible that
supplied for the US market might have an imperial size of chain. I
know that
when I was on the East Coast I did experience difficulty in getting
10mm, so
I bought a new gypsy and used the US equivalent (3/8th"??). I am
not sure
about this but if you take the gypsy off the windlass you might
find a size
marking on the inside face perhaps?


Ian Shepherd - Crusader

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From: amelliahona
Date: 26/03/2008 05:50:56
Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] Anchor Chain Size on Super Maramu 2000

It may already be somewhere on this site but I can't find it.
Does anybody know what size and type chain Amel uses on
our Super Maramu 2000's???

Thanks, Gary

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