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Craig Briggs

Hi Lisa - that's the same prop my SN came with, and I'm quite sure that's what was originally installed. 

The prop itself is not bonded and there is no bearing inside the prop, so that's not the problem. The prop is solid bronze with a tapered hole and keyway and simply slides onto the prop shaft. It's held on with a bronze "cone" nut and has no zinc.

I assume you've assured that the bottom is clean and that the prop is clean, so that likely is not the problem. However, given its age, the prop has certainly experienced some dezincification and is, without a doubt, slowly deteriorating. A thorough inspection may show a problem, especially on the leading edges of the blades.

After the prop and bottom, that leaves the power loss as an engine issue. Here's a link to a good article.

Basically, they suggest if you have dark or black smoke throughout the rpm range of normal operation, you do not have a fuel restriction problem. You may have an air restriction problem or be over propped. You are not over propped with that factory installed prop (if no dezincification distortions), so check your air intake (also not likely the problem on the SN).  If you do not have dark smoke that points to a fuel restriction problem like clogged fuel filter, water separator, pickup, etc, 

When you say you are losing boat speed, do you mean the boat won't go a fast as it used to at the same rpm, or does it lose speed as you are going along?  What engine do you have? Is the tach, by any chance, out of calibration?

Good sleuthing, Craig Briggs SN$68

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I own a 1997 Amel Santorin with what I believe is the original propeller, which is a 3 blade bronze propeller.  As you may know, there is no manual in existence for the Santorin, and the boat definitely does not have a feathering prop, as indicated in the Super Maramu 2000 manual.  Is anyone familiar with the type of prop that the Santorins were originally fitted with?  The currently problem is that we are losing boat speed, but with no change in RPM or engine sound. Everything else appears normal.  Does anyone know whether these propellers are bonded? We are wondering if the loss of boat speed could be a problem with the bonding on the propeller bearing? 

Thanks in advance for any ideas.  I also have reached out to Amel Caraibes (we are currently in Antigua).

Lisa Tharpe

S/V Azimuth #143


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