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Hi Gary, You have the synthetic rubber rub rail fillers/ “scuppers” .The
later boats have the PVC type and they will not stain .The only problem with
the PVC units is they are very “stiff” ,very hard to install without damage
or failure unless you have special tools and ,most importantly ,a great deal
of experience .For in the field installations ,the synthetic rubber ones
install easily installed and ,if you rinse them after washing with a ½ cup
of white vinegar per side(pour it on at the bow and let it run aft ,
(assist as the trim of your boat dictates ) they won’t develop that moldy
funky gunk (great tech term,no? ) .Sometimes ,I am able to eliminate these
stains here in Fort Lauderdale on boats I prepare for resale with several
applications on vinegar . It is almost magic all the things you can clean
with vinegar, just ask your Grandmother .Hope this helps. Joel F. Potter
Amel 54 # 14 HOLLIS


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Sent: Friday, March 28, 2008 1:08 AM
Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] Replacement of SM scuppers

Too many years in the Caribbean (if that is possible) has lead to my having
some mold
growing right into the white rubber scupper channel on my SM 2000. No amount
scrubbing will remove it. I am considering replacing the scupper and wrote
to Olivier Beaute
to see if it is feasible. He corresponded and inquired if I had, "rubber or
PVC scuppers?" I
believe mine are rubber. Many Amel SM prior to mine had brown rubber
scuppers, mine has
white scuppers, Does anybody out there know when PVC scuppers came into use
and can
discuss the pro/con of rubber vs PVC scuppers.

All the best, Gary

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