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Leopold Hauer

O sorry!

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I was referring to the Jean Collins, his workers, Geatan, Phillipe, ets...

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What a wonderful thing! In fact we leave Mindelo tomorrow and will be in Le Marin probably in 2 weeks, our place in the marina is reserved from jan.6

We will love it to meet other Amelians there and we hope it will be ok although we could not help to upgrade your boat.


Leo and Margaret from Austria
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Good Morning Amelians,
I just returned from Martinique, and plan to return before 1/2. 
I'm going to bring some oysters and scallops with me (which I grow and catch respectively), and hope to set up a little party. 
I'd like to get the Amel people that have been helping us get our boats upgraded together with whoever is around and have some laughs and fun. If there are oysters, wine and scallops there, what Frenchman can refuse that?
I'll look to set up the soiree when I return, but I'm talking early to mid January. Hopefully at the Kokoarum (sp) joint right there.
If any Amelians are around, they will be welcome.
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