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James Alton


   I was rereading the thread on your apparent transmission problem and thought of one easy thing that you might want to try.  Verify that the shift linkage is moving the shift lever on the transmission fully into forward gear.  Probably the best way to check would be to shift the transmission into gear using the shift lever and then with the transmission detached from the gear shift cable, see if the lever on the transmission can be moved further in the direction of forward gear.  If so, consult your manual and readjust accordingly.    I am unclear as to what transmission that you have, some do use engine oil and others like mine use the red ATF fluid but it is important to be sure that you are using the correct fluid.  I have never seen a coppery oil or ATF fluid so am guessing that those might be fine metal particles from the worn parts during the slippage events. 

  The oil viscosity will drop as the transmission heats.  This could be the reason that the prop is turning when the engine is cold but stops once warm and or is being loaded.  This is what made me wonder if maybe the transmission is not fully in forward gear….  If the transmission linkage is adjusted properly and the transmission is still slipping I suspect it has been damaged.

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Hi Lisa,

If your engine revs are as normal and are not changing and you have a similar type of gearbox to the SM it is definitely possible that the gearbox is the issue. It is a wet plate gearbox driven by friction. If you check the oil level on the dip stick it should be red, if it is black and smells burned the plates have been slipping. It is important to change the oil regularly. New oil would help your situation so try that first, but if the gearbox is badly worn it will need either an overhaul or replacement.



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Thanks Craig. We’ve been investigating all day. Nothing on the prop and it looks good and clean. No black smoke or any other sympt oms coming from the engine. The prop spins while we are looking at it but after a few hours of motoring, does not seem to be able to handle going into any wind or waves. Wondering if it may be a gearbox oil issue? That maybe it shuts down as it heats up? Baffled at the moment. 
Thanks for the response!


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