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Bob Grey

Guys you don’t have to drill out the rivet, there is a plastic cap over the hinges which holds the hinge pins in. I learnt this the hard way.

Bob Grey
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On Monday, December 18, 2017, 03:01, Porter McRoberts portermcroberts@... [amelyachtowners] wrote:

They are low profile.  I ordered replacement gaskets from lewmar.  The one for the salon worked great.  The forward hatches were too thick.  So… I removed the gaskets.  scrubbed all the crud off, cleaned every little groove with a toothbrush, cut out about 0.25cm around the weld, and re-welded with “Max 1 Glue, LLC” out of Punta Gorda, FL.  (simply amazing stuff) and then relubed with fresh silicone grease (Thanks Bill Rouse) and re-installed.  Perfect.  A note- you have to drill out the extra hatch-cover rivet to remove the cover from the base.  They I guess were riveted by Amel, make sure to 5200 to re-seal.  

Hope this helps


Porter McRoberts
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On Dec 17, 2017, at 8:15 AM, jmkraus@... [amelyachtowners] <amelyachtowners@...> wrote:

Good Morning Amelians,

I need to change the gaskets on the forward hatches. 

I did the saloon hatch a couple years ago, and seem to remember the gasket was a 1 piece gasket that I got from lewmar. 

I believe the OD dimensions on the 2 hatches are 22.5" by 22.5" and 20.5" by 22.5" . 

They are lewmar low profile hatches, but I'm not sure of the model #.

If anyone has the kit # or model # to help me order the gaskets, I would be greatly appreciative.


Spirit Amel 54 #14

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