Re: Rudder zinc problem

amelliahona <no_reply@...>

Are you sure the threads are stripped??
I fitted a new zinc once, a slightly different one than Amel supplied, and
thought I had stripped the threads, when in fact the bolt wasn't long enough
to engage the threads correctly because of the different thickness of the
of the zinc. A slightly longer bolt solved the problem.

You should be able to use a small flashlight and visually inspect the threads
to see if they are stripped. If they are indeed stripped you could use a Helicoil
thread repair kit to repair the damaged threads and retain the same size bolt.

If the zinc will actually spin, as someone suggested, then I don't believe there
will be good electrical contact and you will have defeated the purpose of the
zinc. There must be a low resistance contact from the zinc to the bonding
wire in the rudder.

I don't know how Amel attaches the bonding wires to the zinc bracket but
a quick email to Amel after sales servies, Olivier Beaute, at
(sav at will get you all the information you need.

Hope you find that it was just a too short bolt.

Good Luck, Gary

A longer bolt solved the problem. --- In,
"Dave_Benjamin" <dave_benjamin@...> wrote:

We surveyed the Maramu, hull#29, yesterday. One of the boatyard apes
managed to break loose or strip the threads inside the rudder where
the bolt holding the zinc attaches. Anyone had this happen? How did
you repair it?

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