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Alexandre Uster von Baar

Cleaning as Bill mentioned, solved the issue for me.

Sincerely, Alexandre


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Subject: Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Onan genset trouble code "seven blinks"
Date: Monday, December 18, 2017, 3:20 PM


I believe that one
thing that many of us forget to do is clean the inside of
the impeller housing before declaring the job finished with
the impeller change. I also believe that the roughness of
the inside of that housing which is caused by mineral
deposits is the number one reason for short life of

It is easy clean it
on the Onan if you remove the pump when changing the
impeller...there is one bolt and another bolt and nut
connecting the pump to the block. 
I use emery cloth
or wet/dry sandpaper to clean the impeller housing. Before
inserting the new impeller, feel the inside of the pump it perfectly smooth? I doubt it...polish it
before inserting the impeller. Be sure to remove all of the
grit from cleaning it. It should look shiny and feel
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Hi All,   First thanks for all the
advice, Especially Bill, Eric, Porter, Thomas,Mark, and Bob,
you all are great!
We have everything back on line now.  Will post some pics
to FB later.  
Bill:  You are right as usual
except, as you pointed out during my purchasing process when
I sent you some photos (which you helped me with a lot, and
I am indebted...) that the genset and engine were NOT
original.  They were replaced by Amel in 2003 with the
newer versions.  So yes I have the "no SW flow"
sensor that Eric speaks of and yes Eric, I did remove it and
clean out the port.  It think the post impeller change no
SW flow was however caused by the 14 impeller vanes clogging
the heat exchanger down stream.   My heat exchanger has an
end cap with one bolt making it easy to remove and
inspect...and pull vanes from :)
I think the previo
us owner changed the impeller. some time in the past..and
left some vane-debris in the flow path, I found fourteen
vanes in the heat exchanger.  The new impeller has
we were "down" for less than one hour...mostly
thanks to having the right onboard spares...and Capt.
  Regards,  John
John ClarkSV Annie  SM
37Moored (finally) in St.  Augustine Florida for

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