Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] New Batteries for SM 2000 /Help Please!

Anne-Sophie Schmitt <nearlynothing@...>

Dear Mr. Glass,
My baterries failed after 2 years. You actually can
get the Delcos in the USA, I believe to the identical
layout as OEM. Try Ed's Batteries in Westbrook, Maine.
However, upon researching the matter, I found that the
Delcos are only medium quality. A batterymaker with,
it seems, a top reputation for traditional lead-acid
batteries is Trojan. They have more capacity and
longer life (it is said 5 years). These only cost
about $10. more per battery. You do have to cut off
the plastic handles which are molded on Trojan cases
(no big deal) and re-do the cables, also quite
straightforward. I looked into gel batteries (thumbs
down it seems for many reasons) and AGM, the newest
thing. Conclusion on AGM: twice the price of good lead
acid, same life expectancy. So, no go. If you wanted
the exact Trojan battery model you could call Ed's
Batteries. I bought 8 from them in May '02. They
delivered them to Lyman-Morse Boats in Maine. They
would probably have the record. They cost $90. each.
Hope this helps.
Best regards,
Claude Roessiger
--- mcgosprey2000 <> wrote:
Listmates: I own an SM 2000. As predicted by Amel,
the battery bank
is failing as I approach the 3 year mark. The
battery replacement
problem is as follows: The original batteries are AC
DELCO, but an AC
Delco European model not available in the US. The US
model (Group
27) is close but the battery posts are located
differently and I
will likely have to change the battery cables if I
use the US Delcos.
I would like to replace the batteries, if possible,
without changing
the battery compartment or lengthening the cables to
accomodate new
batteries. Is there anyone out there who has
changed the batteries
on the SM, and if so, what make/model did you
install? Thank you
Michael Glass
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