Re: Perkins M 4.154 repairs


Thanks to all Amel sailors who assisted me find parts for my 1982 Perkins M 4.154.
Engine is rebuilt now with new pistons, liners, bearings ... Including a brand new starter to replace the one burnt by the workshop electrician who tried to run faster by hooking my 'old faithfull' 12 volts starter on 2 batteries in series at 24 Volts !
Engine on board 19/12; hooked up & running same day at 17:00 (lost time on drive end bolts offset by 1/4 turn - lift engine & rotate whell -, then oïl cooler hoses inverted, no return = no oïl on pressure gauge).

the cause of the fault was definetly the diesel lift pump diaphragm; 63 US$ Worth of spare, Worth changing on engines which did not run for over a year or so. Check them often.

Otherwise I can only recommend UK & USA suppliers who responded & supplied replacement parts; And Tenerife workshop 'Precision T.' who did a perfect job on the mechanical part; Just keep electricians away from our installations, not their best show of experience.

We shall sail away on 24/12 to continue our round trip of South Atlantic.

fair winds to all

christian alby - Désirade VIII - Maramu 1982 now (not for long) in SC de Tenerife 

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