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Alexandre Uster von Baar

Good afternoon Paul,

Thanks for keeping us updated and again sorry about your mishap.
That is the way to go with Olivier as your adjuster.

Earlier this year I actually contacted Barrie Sullivan from Y Insurance and was considering using them next year.
They were stricter on Hurricane plan and solo sailing (only 18 hours) but with clear explanations on how you dock, sail, etc. they were willing to increased back to 24 hours, allow some marinas, etc.
They seem reasonable and open to discussion.

Sincerely, Alexandre


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Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] Insurance
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It has been a few posts
concerning Insurance. This is our experienceWe hit an underwater
breakwater this summer which resulted in rather high cost
for the repair. It is
not until you have a claim one know if one could trust and
recommend the
insurer. Today we got the go ahead from the insurer to
repair our SM Kerpa. We
have had Oliver Beauté to inspect the damage, and Kerpa
will be repaired according
to his instructions.  All communication
with the insurance company has been very prompt and correct.
Our Insurer is Y Yacht an English based insurance broker
with rather
reasonable rates.  Paul on S/Y Kerpa

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