Re: Re-rigging and mast step

Arno Luijten

Thanks Alexandre,

I don’t want to hijack the topic for the original poster, but it’s so sad you lost your pride and joy. Moreover because it actually happened on my birthday! You had such a great boat and we really enjoyed the tour you gave. I still can’t get over the idea you are considering a boatless life! We really looking forward meeting you again next month.

To the OP: sorry for the digression. I hope you will receive some more useful advice soon. 

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Hello Arno,

Glad you join the forum!

Was definitely nice meeting you and Mirjam in St Barth last Summer.
You are one of the last people I gave a tour of NIKIMAT.

See you in January in Sint Maarten or Martinique.

Sincerely, Alexandre
Lost on September 6 during Hurricane Irma at
IGY Simpson Bay Marina, St Maarten

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