Bow Thruster stuck


I have just returned to SV DoodleBug SM #331 which is currently "on the
hard" at Marmaris, Turkey. I attempted to perform a routine 24 month service
on the bow-thruster in order to replace the seals and oil. I removed the
band that prevents the retaining screws from being removed and then removed
all four of the 6mm Allen headed retaining bolts. The bow thruster leg will
not drop from the drive motor. By looking through the retaining bolt holes,
I can see that the shaft body has dropped several mm. from the motor housing
and is now stuck. I have sprayed WD40 oil through the bolt holes but I
believe that the "foot" drive shaft is stuck to the motor drive shaft -
probably by corrosion. I have tried lowering the unit and running the
propeller in both directions and have also tried placing a block of wood
inside the propeller housing and then raising the unit. So far nothing has

My questions are:
1) Is there anything I have forgotten to unbolt that is holding the
bowthruster foot to the motor?
2) If not, does anyone have any suggestions on how I can separate these
units so that I can complete the service?

Ed Steele

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