Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re-rigging and mast step

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I can second the comments here regarding Caribe Greement (the Amel rigger in Martinique). Philipe (owner) and Gaetan were great. We replaced all the standing rigging and added a staysail per Amel's specs including the backstay rigging. The work was done very professionally......and the total was about $10,000 for the rigging and another $6,000 for the staysail rig installation. We bought the actual staysail from North Sails in Martinique for around $2,000. Philipe and Gaetan seem to do quite a bit of work on Amels and they both love these boats (they also stock everything you would need)......Philipe told me he never sees an Amel come in with an actual rig failure as the components are of super high quality out of the factory. He's 53 and still climbs masts every day, so I guess he'd know.

Tom Kleman
SM2K #422

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