Re: Auxiliary fuel tanks

Derick Gates SM2K #400 Brava

Brava's previous owner mounted the life raft on the port stern rail, and installed a 240 Liter aluminum tank in the life raft locker.  This tank is plumbed into the diesel circulation system, allowing it to be used alternatively to the main diesel tank by shutting off the main feed (in the passageway) and the main return line (just before it gets to the main tank) and opening the spare tank return valve (by-passing the main tank return valve) and spare tank feed valve (as it emerges from the spare tank).  

I use the main tank until it is nearly empty, then use the spare tank. Then vice versa after filling the main tank.  I try to use a FIFO approach (First In, First Out) in using the fuel in the two tanks.  As a safety precaution in case of bad diesel, I never fill both tanks at once from the same fuel source.

The extra weight of the full spare tank only adds about a degree of port side list.  I try to counter that with storage of equipment and supplies on the starboard side, but do not obsess about it.

Derick Gates
SM2K#400 Brava
Currently on the hard in Bailey's Boatyard, Falmouth Harbour, Antigua

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