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James Alton


   If you have not yet done so, check to be sure that the drag is all of the way off on the wheel.  I think that I read a while back that the steering cables are sealed but get someone to verify this.  The rudder,  hull and skeg clearances are tight so a bit of growth could also certainly stiffen things up.    

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SV Sueño
Maramu #220

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Hello fellow Maramu owners 

We bought our 1985 maramu in the summer of 2017 in the canaries. Sailed her for 2 weeks in the sun then went back to a colder UK and work /school etc
We are back aboard again now for Christmas and making plans for a N Atlantic trip next year. 
The boat has been afloat without us in canaries since and I get the feeling the steering is stiffer. It could be the rudder hardware has fouled a little? but I’m also wondering about how to service and lubricate the steering cables

Many thanks in advance for any experience you are able to share

Fair winds


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