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300 liters of diesel would weigh about 640 lbs, Thirteen G31 batteries at about 75 lbs per would weigh between 900 and 1000 lbs.

Just another data point for you as you decide what to do...

I get the distinct impression I am a minority on this, but I personally would skip this project--unless you motor a lot. A Super Maramu has a range with the installed tanks of about 1000 miles.  Much more twice than my previous boat and I never felt the need for more fuel in that one.  I don't think I have ever motor-sailed our Amel, but others seem to do this quite a bit. We cruise full time, and buy fuel about four times a year.  For us, cutting out one fuel stop every 12 months just doesn't come close to justifying the project.

The liferaft locker does double duty on our boat, holding the raft and other things. I would need to make space in other places for them, and it's not worth it to me.  Also, we have the older boat with only 9 batteries, so we start out with a list to port from the weight of the generator on that side. I consider that list important, but maybe that's because I would rather sail in 4 or 5 knots of wind than listen to the motor...

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie

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Hey Eric- I've been toying around with the idea of repurposing the life-raft locker in this way. One non-scientific data point that has given me pause is that when I last changed batteries, I had all 13 DT-31 batteries on the port side of my boat outside the cockpit waiting to be taken off. I noticed (or at least I perceived) a slight list of my boat to port. I wondered if 300 liters of fuel in the locker would create a similar issue. Have you noticed this ? Confession- I've done no calculations relating to the relative weights, the position of those weights, of those possible boat projects that sits idling in front of the first speed bump it encounters.


Tom Kleman


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