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In my paperwork that has traveled with the boat since she was delivered, there is a drawing  labeled "Super Maramu, Hull #1" that shows the batteries installed across the front of the engine room.  If Hull #1 was actually initially assembled that way, the first time she hit the water I'll bet the batteries were relocated pretty quickly!

Ignoring interior cabinet work, the biggest permanent asymmetry in weight distribution is the generator and the batteries. Nine G31 batteries just don't add up to one Onan 6.5KW genset. Newer boats that have 13 batteries probably have less of an issue with this.

When we took delivery of our boat, she was essentially empty of all stores.  She had a list of about 1 degree to port, although she came very close to level when the fuel tank was topped off.. So my guess, is that's the way she came. 

With so much easily accessible storage on the port side (the liferaft locker, and the cockpit locker) it's really hard to keep from making that worse when the boat is your one and only home that has to hold everything.  But we try. 

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Key West, FL

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Bill , I also have a list to port of maybe one or two degrees ,I can see ,feel it , I could never figure why. Amel would have certainly balanced things out in the design . While you have the generator to port , you have a fuel and batteries to starboard . I was concerned that some how my particular boat was mis formed , or my mast not centered , I took measurements . Do you think our boats came out of the factory with a list or is there another explanation.
Merry Christmas to all,
Pat SM#123

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