Re: Auxiliary fuel tanks

John Clark

Hi Bill, Pat, and Thomas,
 I have a 1990 (#37) SM.  My batteries are located under the pilot berth, but it looks like there is formed into the structure an area for batteries in the aft  part of the engine room.  On my hull it appears to have never been utilized except for the starting battery.  The main battery disconnects and bus bar are located adjacent to this area.  My boat has no least not on the inclinometer...I can't perceive a list either if anyone trusts my eyes.  Bill I do keep the main tank full, and store 4 22 liter jerry cans in the port cockpit locker.  The life raft locker has only a life-raft and floating "ditch barrel."

During my boat searching I do seem to recall running across an early SM with a small battery bank in the engine room rather than under the pilot berth, and it did have a genset.

What to make of all of this?  Who knows.  ...well Olivier probably does.

John Clark
SV Annie  SM 37
St. Augustine

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