Weigh carrying capacity of SM


Hi all.
We are going to carry supplies to Caribbean from Ft Lauderdale to hurricane stricken islands this winter. I'm wondering how much weight I can take on safely. Loaded with all our supplies and provisions, Kristy sits about 1 1/2 inches above the original waterline in the stern, and 4 inches above waterline at the bow.

Can I load her to that waterline? If I go above it, the engine and generator exhausts will be below the water. That doesn't seem like a good idea. If that is ok, what other considerations are important if I load her another inch or more above the waterline?

I was going to carry one pallet (40" x 40" x48") on the foreword cabintop and another one or two broken down below decks as carrying capacity allows. I don't know the weight of the pallets yet.

Any thoughts?

Thanks andMerry Christmas!
SM 243

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