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Eric Freedman

I forgot to mention 10 additional trips from to or from the Long Island  to S. America or the  Caribe in my Tartan 37 with 450 liters of fuel on board. The Tartan would go to weather much better than out Amels.

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We had three occasions when we used more than 600 liters of fuel.


One was a big mistake, sailing from Colombia to Guadeloupe. The trade winds were  particularly strong and we has 30 knots average on the nose for 9 days. The Arc world going the other way did it in 4 days.


Another was this fall from Long Island non-stop to Martinique, again strong wind on the nose 12 of wind and 2 days of sailing.. I could have stopped in Bermuda, but it seems like when you pull into Bermuda you are stuck there for days.   


The other time was when we had to sail to almost 54  degrees West to get around a huge storm on our way to the Caribbean. This is the storm where Triple Stars lost a crew member.


We almost used 600 liters a 4th  time when we were in a hurricane for 36 hours. Herb the weather forecaster told us to divert to Bermuda after the Hurricane at maximum speed. There were 2 more storms of 50 knots coming at us. We beat both storms and continued onto the Caribe without stopping in Bermuda, even though we were looking at the spit buoy off of Bermuda when Herb said to keep going.


I have made many trips over 2000 miles and a few over 3000 and have never used up the main tank.

This last trip marked our 35th trip either to or from Ny  to the Caribe or S. America


From Puerto Mogan, Grand Canaria to Guadeloupe we used 300 liters, from Long island to Santa Marta Colombia we use 250 liters.

Sometimes we have to run the A/C in addition to the Engine when it is terribly hot below,

Also we use the diesel heater when it is very cold, even though it uses a tiny amount of diesel.


However in the 78,000 miles we have sailed it was always nice to have the extra fuel.


I think of my very good friend Eric Forsyth in his home made 42 foot West Sail 42.

He has logged over 300,000 miles, and CCA blue water  medal recipient.  We communicate often when he is at sea. One year after  enduring a hurricane south of the Falklands, having his boat holed, losing his electronics, and steering, he headed to Cape town. When he fixed the boat he headed to Caribbean to meet for out birthdays. I read his agonizing reports of making 3-15 miles a day for almost 2 weeks while crossing the equator. I am sure  he  would have liked to have more fuel. He was 82 years old at that time.

He just left his boat in Portugal after sailing from Long Island, to come home for Christmas age 85.



His book is a great one about his 50 years of sailing

It’s a great read. He Is now 85 years old.


Fair Winds


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I am sure that there is a lot of experience in this Group that the "new-to-Amel" Super Maramus and 54 owners would like to hear regarding onboard fuel. When I was new to this Group, I could not get experienced answers on how much is enough fuel.


I bought 10 each 18.9 liter jerry jugs and filled them for each ocean crossing. They added about 300nm to my about 1,000nm range on the Super Maramu (600 liter tank). BTW, the 54 fuel tank is 900 liters and should provide a minimum of 1,300 miles while motoring without carrying extra fuel.


My experience around the world is that we never touched the 10 jugs (189 extra liters) and the most that we used on any passage was 400 liters in an isolated case with almost no wind between Panama and the Galapagos. Had we been more experienced, we may have picked a better departure date. During our two 3,000 passages we used about 250 liters each.


I hope this helps you make your plans.




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