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Dan Carlson

Hi all,  reviewing this past thread on bilge maintenance.

I am wondering if anyone has tried one of the enzymatic drain maintenance products?

My dad used to be a big fan of one of these products at his home, but I did not experiment with it much.  I believe it is supposed to be friendly to plumbing.  

Always looking for ideas to extend the grey water sump/bilge cleaning cycle.

Thanks and regards, Dan Carlson, SM #387, sv BeBe .

On Wed, Oct 11, 2017 at 2:56 AM, jhe1313@... [amelyachtowners]

Hi everyone.  I have put into the bilge one waterglass of vinegar per week recently.  It has definitely reduced the smell in the engine room and there is no appreciable smell anymore in the cabins.  So this seems the way to go although I suspect I have to increase the dosage if the outside temperatures are in the 30s vs the low 20s now.  Many thanks again everyone for the great help!  Joerg

Joerg Esdorn
Amel 55 no. 53
Currently in Zakinthos, Greece

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