Pump Replacement and backflow preventers

Duane Siegfri

Merry Christmas all!

I'm replacing some of the engine room pumps, and I'm wondering if I need a backflow preventer?

I've installed a Marco gear pump (UP3/E) for the fresh water system.  It doesn't run unless a faucet is opened so it doesn't seem to need one.  (By the way, this is a noisy pump, you don't need a red light on the panel to know it's running).

I also have installed a March AC-5C-MD pump to replace the airconditioning pump.  What's the reason Amel put a backflow preventer on the orginal centrifugal pump?   Would backflow damage a centrifugal pump?

By the way, this pump has a lot of openings around the rotor so I'm making a cover for it for when there is anything wet happening in the engine room.  They make a sealed version of this pump but it's twice the cost.



Wanderer, SM#477

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