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Mark Pitt

Hi Thomas,

   I burned quite a bit of fuel doing the Panama to Galapagos trip in 2004 in my SM.  I bought fuel in Academy Bay (Galapagos) and ran it though my fuel polisher on the way to my tank.  Other cruisers with me in the Galapago also bought fuel and used their Baja or other filters.  None of us had a problem.  Compared to Indonesia and some other places, the fuel seem quite good.  On the 19 day passage from the Galapagos to Fatu Hiva (Marquesas) we only used about 300 liters but at the time of departure I certainly felt better knowing that the boat was full up with fuel (including 8 jerry cans).  I even filled a couple of jerry cans on Islas Isabella just before departure. The Galapagos was great -- a real highlight, albeit a bit rolly.  Don't miss it over fuel concerns.

    Mark Pitt

  Sabbatical III, SM #419, currently in Spain

On 12/27/2017 3:31 PM, thomas.kleman wrote:
Thanks Bill- We don't motor sail either, and try to sail from and to anchorable depths as a game (and for that time when our engine quits at an inopportune time). My interest in the fuel project is that we are planning on heading west from Bonaire after this next hurricane season and sailing to Columbia, Panama, and on to French Polynesia. I don't mind admitting that this will be a step up for us in terms of distance (it's just my wife and I).........I'm researching the fuel issue as I look at videos and read about the challenges of the routes I'm considering.

Depending on whether we stop in the Galapagos, the leg from Panama could be 28 extra 100-200 liters of fuel hopefully wouldn't be needed but might reduce my own stress in the first 10 days. We currently keep 5 Jerry cans in the life raft locker at the bottom and have the raft in the port cockpit lazarette. I'm not entirely happy with this arrangement and I've been researching alternatives for 3 years, off and on. 

Always good to get input from Amel owners who have more miles under their keels than we do.

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