Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Weigh carrying capacity of SM


Thank you Olivier, that's exactly what I wanted to know.  It looks like I can safely carry ~1250 lbs of supplies over my cruising gear and provisions.  A bit disappointing, but want to be safe and take care of my Kristy.

Happy Holidays to you and the rest of our Amel family.

S/V Kristy SM243
Hello Kent and Bill,

overloading a vessel not only changes its stability but also brings more power into the structure and masts/rigging.
A big overload could result in stringers/bulkheads breaking when the vessel hits the waves in heavy conditions, possibly breaking shrouds strands too.
The Super Maramu has a light displacement of 15.3 tons (with masts, sails, running rigging, some mooring lines and fenders). The tanks (water and fuel) take 1.5 tons.
You should not load with more than 2.5 tons (including crew and life-raft...).

Stay safe and have all a happy new year!


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