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Patrick McAneny

Mark, I was the first one to install an Atlantic arch on an Amel several years ago , and I don't remember them having an installation video. So I don't know what they show , but what you describe sounds like the correct steps. You would need to preload it just to get it to fit between the gunnels , and would need to place it in position to mark the hole locations. I remember they had a range of inches to preload , like between 2 to 6 inches , so I loaded it at 4 , midway , if I did it again I would have loaded it slightly more , maybe an additional inch. One benefit of these arches are , that if you needed to , say to fit on a travel lift , you could unbolt the front legs in a couple of minutes and swivel the arch back and down over the transom. I thought the arch was taller than it needed to be , so I cut several inches off the legs, I am 6'1" and still have plenty of headroom .  I think it looks better and reduces the leverage arm , especially with the dinghy on the davits.
Good Luck,
Pat SM#123

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Hello All,

I watched the installation video on AT's website and read everything I could find on the Owner's group regarding the installation of the arch.  After sleeping on it, it occurred to me that it may be easier (given the manpower) and more forgiving (easy to make adjustments before drilling) if I assemble and pretension the arch, lift it in place, adjust to my preference, mark mounting holes, remove arch, drill, pot the deck, re-drill, bed and install.  Dos anyone see any reason why this wouldn't work, or problems with the method?  When they open for the day, I'll call the company for their feedback as well.

S/V Lulu
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