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We had to remove our Salt Water Manifold Super Maramu in October to
clean the nasty Cartagena mussels that were packed into the
mainforld...we did not notice any electrolysis or corrosion. I just
cleaned and repainted it.

I placed a photo in a new album named "Salt Water Manifold Super
Maramu." If you have a chance to give me all of the dimensions I will
update the sure to include the size of the nipple (both
ends) and the o/s diameter of each output tube.


s/v BeBe SM2 #387

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Has anyone had problems with the salt-water manifold rotting out?
This is the manifold that connects to the electric head pumps, the
watermaker, the anchor wash, and the A/c pump via the sea strainer.

Last week I noticed a small drip from the manifold. I touched it and
my finger went right through the A/C tap on the manifold. When I
removed the manifold, the A/C tap looked like Swiss cheese. I had to
saw off the tap and put a hose and clamps over it to temporarily use
the manifold. When I tried to put the manifold back, it snapped off.
It appears that the factory soldered a BRASS pipe nipple to the end of
the copper manifold.
This caused electrolysis and the manifold to fail at the junction
where it screws into the ball valve. I am having a new manifold made
out of stainless in St Martin. Has anyone else seen such a problem?
Fair Winds,
Amel Super Maramu #376 Kimberlite

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