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Hi All!

Have tried to reach Amel in La Rochelle, both through their website and by e-mail to —all before Dec 15, and never received an answer. I want to buy a new rub rail for our SM 2000, hull 353, decals, and also see what they have as far as interior “curtains” so as to update the original “look.”. We have the blue floor hatch cover in the main salon. So, since we will be in Italy for 6 weeks starting Jan. 1, we have decided to make a side trip to La Rochelle— but not until I know they are open! Does anyone know the Amel factory schedule for the holidays?

The visit to La Rochelle will be a trip down memory lane for me. I lived there for 1 year in ‘62-63. On the Rue de la Paix, just two blocks back from the old port. After a few months in La Rochelle, I moved to a small apartment in a little town to the south, and close to the sea.

Fair winds,
Stephanie DiBelardino
SM 2000 353, Indecent
Lying behind our home on Grand Bahama Island.

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