boom and mizzen bungee ropes replacement

ulrich michael dangelmeyer <udangelmeyer@...>

Hello and good morning to all in the Group, I´m new in the group and happy to be with you on seven seas.

I appreciate your advise and recommendation on following issue:

We own a 9 years young wonderful Amel 54 and get problems furling out the main and mizzen sail. From an other Amel owner we were advised to exchange the bungee ropes inside the booms, because they are too sloopy and unable to run as topping lift and to position the boom up to the right angle. Lifted manually everything will run properly.
If not under sails, there is the practical recommendation, to release both sheets to untighten the bungees inside, this will keep lifetime much longer. But no advice im the manual, mhm.

So we ordered from Amel 2 bungees as original spare parts. so far so fine. To replace the mizzen bungee, this is not a great deal: open the forward shakkle and exchange the lines afterwards.
But in the main boom?? There is no service hole in front, because there is the out hole motor under fixed? My thought: must this motor first to be detached and remounted to open the boom or is there an other way to proceed?

This topic is not an issue in the owner manual and a service / repair manual for Amel boats until now is not known by me. Service advise by the yard I also didm´t received, only the spare parts as well.

Any recommendations and advise are very appreciated Thanks in advance.

Best Regards and wishes

Ulrich Michael
"Soleil Bleu"

To all of you a very happy New year 2018, fair winds and always two fingers high of Port in the bilge.


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