Perkins M 4.154 engine repairs, rescheduling trip

christian alby <calbyy@...>

Good  day To you all  amel  sailors
Acter good  run com Canarias To Cabo Verde (165 Nm best day with 25 to 30 kn wind & 3 M swell) tried engine To reef down main, & lost oil pressure when accelerating to 2000 rpm.
All Nice & Smith up To 1600 rpm, but cannot  take  it further.
Decided  that it is toi risky To continue this  way on pour round trip to southern Atlantic, therefore changing course To Martinique To replace ole'  faithful by  brand new engine.
Thinking a bout 60 up perkins.
Recomendations on contacts, supplier, workshops, shipyard in Le Marin or ôter technico Center around  ?
Past experience ?
All welcome 
Fair  wind & boas  entradas
Christian alby - sv  Desirade  VIII - Maramu 116 - now in Mindelo Cabo Verde

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