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Where do you want to travel back to in the USA? i.e. Martinique has very cheap flights on Norwegian Air but to limited USA locations. Le Marin is a good spot to have any work done and is a safe spot to leave for the boat a while.


Consider Port Louis Marina in Grenada for hurricane season. Very safe and very nice facility. Easy access to and from USA.



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Good morning all and and early Happy New Year.  

As we start to plan our sailing for this upcoming year I need a little info.  First I am wondering where in the eastern Caribbean you all have found has easy in and out to the US and is a good and safe place to leave you boat for up to 6 weeks.  At this point we are considering leaving our boat in Trinidad during hurricane season.  In January we will (hopefully) sail from Georgia to Puerto Rico,  then head East and south in February BUT to end up where? That is the question.  Would prefer a local with easy boat access and dependable flights or at least ferries to flights would appreciate all your opinions.

Cheers and everyone have a safe and very Happy New Year!!




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