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Hi Iftach,

 Welcome to this site ! I can't think of any question about an Amel to which you will not  find the answer here ; plus, Amel owners are great folk to meet.

It's useful to add two items to anything you write--your boat number and its present port. The reason for the boat number is that Amel boats do vary slightly according to when they are built and  for instance a query relevant to my boat, number 302, may not be relevant to an earlier or later boat.

 As to your present port, it makes it easier to answer queries about repairs etc if you say  where you are--plus you might just find yourself offered a cold beer ( or two!) by another Amel owner in the same place.

Fair winds,

 Ian and Judy, Pen Azen, SM 302, Preveza, Greece

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Hello all

I am new in the group - best 2018 to all

Iftach kozik

AMEL MARAMU Synnefoula



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