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Just a few comments from my experience in the Caribbean concerning Curacao and Grenada.

Curacao & Hurricanes:
The ABCs and specifically Curacao are not out of the path of hurricanes.  In 2007, we ran south from Felix which hit Curacao. There have been several other hurricanes, but most hurricanes hitting Curacao reportedly have caused little damage.

Curacao & Marinas/Yards:
Seru Boca Marina - Spanish Waters with over 100 slips...several Amels have stayed at this marina
The Curaçao Yacht Club - Spanish Waters - They gave BeBe a reasonably-priced berth in 2007 for about a week...they have a fuel dock
Kima Kalki Marina - Spanish Waters...I know nothing about this.
Curacao Marine (Haul Out Yard)- Schottegat harbor GPS pos: N 12 06.5 W 068 55.3 This place will tell you that they have Amel experience and told me that last year they saw over 20 Amels. I believe that both statements were serious exaggerations. A client of mine had Curacao Marine perform C Drive and Bow Thruster Service. Neither was done correctly.

It is amazing how time heals/changes things. In 2004, IVAN, a Category 5 Hurricane devastated Grenada. Grenada is overdue for the same thing. Trinidad is only 85 miles from Grenada.


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