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I’m going to do something I don’t normally do. I going to disagree with you. In regards to the statement, Grenada is overdue for another big hurricane. We did tons of research prior to making our decision to stay there this past season, some of which I will share with you.


Hurricane Ivan in 2004 was an anomaly. Statistically, the island of Grenada is more than twice as safe when compared to the state of New Jersey. Yes Ivan did devastate Grenada but, this was the first to do so since 1963 with the arrival of Hurricane Flora. Flora by the way caused more death and destruction in Trinidad Tobago than Grenada. Pre-Ivan Grenada was considered below the hurricane belt and deemed safe. Grenada was a favorite for insurance companies to direct owners. This is because “statistically” a massive size hurricane will not hit there. I am not saying it will never happen but the odds are, it will not.


The pictures you attach are the boat yards where prior to Ivan boats were not tied down with hurricane straps. They fell over because they were only supported by only the jack-stands. This blasé approach was due to the fact nobody on the island could recall when the big storm last hit. This has changed. The yards use thick straps to secure boats that are attached to massive ground screws. Would this survive another Ivan? Who knows. But I am guessing you would not see the level of devastation and destruction to boats if they had tied them down for Ivan as they do today.


The typical pattern for storms forming that far south in the Atlantic is to arrive in Grenada as a tropical storm and then increase to hurricane strength as they enter the Gulf of Mexico. These storms can hit Grenada with a lot of rain but are certainly not hurricanes.


One of the great things about being in Grenada was the option to get out of the way of any approaching storm. I agree Trinidad is only 85 miles away and this was a part of our hurricane plan. Our insurance company gave us the lowest named storm deduction and our filed plan was to stay in the Grenada area. They liked the location of the marina. And there are several H’holes on the southern coast.


On a side note, we loved the island of Grenada during the time we spent there is last summer. The people are the friendliest we have encountered on our journey to date. The island is beautiful with flowers and fruits everywhere. The Port Louis Marina is perhaps the nicest marina we have stayed in. Absolutely first class. It has solid concrete docks and sits in a basin surrounded by mountains. There is no wind or ocean exposure from anywhere in the marina.  However, because of the mountains, it is hot as hell there with very little breeze. But, we have air-conditioning.


Just my two cents worth.



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Just a few comments from my experience in the Caribbean concerning Curacao and Grenada.


Curacao & Hurricanes:

The ABCs and specifically Curacao are not out of the path of hurricanes.  In 2007, we ran south from Felix which hit Curacao. There have been several other hurricanes, but most hurricanes hitting Curacao reportedly have caused little damage.


Curacao & Marinas/Yards:

Seru Boca Marina - Spanish Waters with over 100 slips...several Amels have stayed at this marina

The Curaçao Yacht Club - Spanish Waters - They gave BeBe a reasonably-priced berth in 2007 for about a week...they have a fuel dock

Kima Kalki Marina - Spanish Waters...I know nothing about this.

Curacao Marine (Haul Out Yard)- Schottegat harbor GPS pos: N 12 06.5 W 068 55.3 This place will tell you that they have Amel experience and told me that last year they saw over 20 Amels. I believe that both statements were serious exaggerations. A client of mine had Curacao Marine perform C Drive and Bow Thruster Service. Neither was done correctly.



It is amazing how time heals/changes things. In 2004, IVAN, a Category 5 Hurricane devastated Grenada. Grenada is overdue for the same thing. Trinidad is only 85 miles from Grenada.





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